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Mr. Derek Jackson

Hello, my name is Derek Jackson, owner of Canaan English Language Center®, an IELTS Review Center in Baguio City.

At Canaan, we provide the only genuine review course for the IELTS exams taught by a British instructor in the Philippines, so you can feel confident that you are learning the real English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and thought patterns that are so essential for passing the IELTS examinations.

As you know, the British styles of spoken English are very different from the Philippine style of spoken English; just as the Australian and Canadian styles of English are quite different from spoken American and British English.



Local Filipino instructors are unfortunately, not able to prepare Filipino test takers for these exams adequately since their spoken English and customary thought patterns are very different from those of Americans and the British.

Filipinos must study for these exams with real American and/or British English instructors in order to pass these exams the first time they take them.

FACT: The more times a person fails the IELTS exams, the less likely they are to continue their pursuit to leave the Philippines.

FACT: The cost for each of these exams is in excess of Php8,986.00 each. 

FACT: Philippine takers of the IELTS exams currently have a low pass ratio due to the style of review conducted by local Filipino instructors. Actually, the pass ratios at many review centers here in the Philippines for the IELTS exams are as low as 11%. The figures themselves are discouraging.

How would you like to be a job placement agency and know that less than 25% of all Philippine CGFNS passers who have signed contracts with your company will be able to enter the U.S. within the time frame you have agreed upon with your clients. Your time and commissions are on the line...

Test takers must pass their English exams the first time they take them!

Sure, you can recruit thousands of CGFNS passers in the Philippines in a single month, but ask yourself, "How many of them can actually be dispatched to the U.S., U.K., Australia,, Canada, etc. within your time frame?"

The biggest problem facing the Philippine overseas employment industry today is the fact that Filipino nurses have a difficult time passing the INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM (IELTS).

If you or those you represent would like to increase the chances of passing these tests the first time they are taken, then enroll at Canaan English Language Center® NOW and review with a British review instructor.

Enrollment is ongoing daily in this IELTS Review Center in Baguio City.

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