ESL Online Tutorial


Do you want to learn English but is busy with your professional life?

Do you want to improve and be more confident using the English language but is from outside the Philippines?


CANAAN English Language Center has developed a special online English tutorial to make you feel more confident in all the areas of English. Learning English can now be done wherever you are and at your most convenient time.


Here in CANAAN English Language Center, we offer different programs that can suffice your needs to perfect your English. Programs offered include Grammar, Speaking, Listening and Writing.


Take our DIAGNOSTIC TEST and let’s evaluate where you currently stand with your English.




English grammar is a basic skill that every English learner should learn carefully. Our program will take you through the basics of English grammar, giving you a foundation for further learning. Grammar skills, written or spoken, are essential in our everyday life, at any age, and for any reason.




With CANAAN, you can improve your spoken English by regularly learning with us. We have great solutions for people who want to improve their spoken English with accuracy and coherence. Your ability to express your thoughts in English fluently will be improved with us.




CANAAN’s goal is to help you improve your listening skills with easy listening tests which suit your level. Our team will help you practice your listening skills efficiently so you would be able to understand and distinguish different ideas.




Love writing but has a problem creating organized compositions or letters? No more worries! CANAAN with its best teachers equipped with wide array of materials will help you erase your problem. So enrol now and join us enjoy writing organized and meaningful compositions.

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