Other Services

Test Preparation/Review Classes and Tutoring
We offer the best quality and the most affordable review/preparation for the IELTS.

One-on-one tutorials available


Exam Registration Processing
We will process your IELTS exam registration, with no additional charge.

IELTS Exam Requirements:

1. Secure an IELTS application form at Canaan office.

2. Fill out the application form.

3. Submit the application form in our office at least 3 weeks prior to your desired date of examination, together with the requirements:

a.) Valid National ID (original) &

Photocopy of ID (Passport, PRC or SSS)

4. IELTS Test fee:

          BC:  P8,986 - deposited to BDO (must indicate candidate's name)

Account Name: Citibank FAO British Council

Account No.: 1380194898

IDP: P8,900 - in the form of Manager's Check made payable to IDP Education Pty. Ltd. (must indicate amount in words)


Practice Tests
Experience the IELTS as it is in the real test.